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“Now, now, you’ll just have to be a little patient!”

I am an impatient person. This may surprise you, given my line of work, especially given that I was once pinched by a kid and really did nothing except to say, “Did you seriously just pinch me? Really?” I exhaust all of my patience reserves at work, on the road, running at the gym – basically, public places where I will be scorned and/or fired if I’m not patient.

When I get, home, though, all bets are off. Impatience abounds!

Right now, lots of good things are pending. I like this because I like good things and I like knowing that I have them to look forward to. I do not like this because – as I have stated – I am freaking impatient. I don’t want to wait for my good things. I wants dem NOW.

Things I Am Antsy For:

  • My GREs to be over and done with (September 28)
  • Possible KISS concert (October 10)
  • LLOYD! (October 16?)
  • Rhinebeck (October 17-18)
  • This Is It (Halloween-ish, for me)
  • New Bon Jovi album, The Circle (due out Nov. 11)
  • Katie coming home! (December 23)
  • Disney! (theoretically December 27, but possibly pushed to June. This may kill me.)
  • My engagement!! (This is the only one I don’t have a date on. Just a cryptic time frame. Balls.)

Dude. I can’t handle it, especially because October is lined up to be the month of extreme awesome.

This really is a post with no particular point. I’m feeling a little goofy today – antsy and impatient and energetic and tired all at the same time. Today’s one of those days where I drove home with the music as loud as it would go and practically blew a vocal chord singing along with my iPod. I probably should have gone to the gym. I went yesterday and felt great, so I ran hard, and I probably could have used that today. I just don’t know what to do with myself or why I feel this way. Nothing really good has happened (yet). I just know I’m antsy. And I’m ready. :)

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