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For our Letters to Santa for Macy’s Believe, I asked my students to write a letter with a Christmas wish for themselves and at least one Christmas wish for others. The “others” could be their family, their friends, or the world at large. A lot of my kids are really giving on the natch – last year, we had a book drive, and one of my kids spent $25 at the book fair and donated all the books he bought that day to the book drive. Most of my kids made really nice wishes for others, and I wanted to share some of them. :) Just for information’s sake, my kids are all 11 to 13, overwhelmingly male (I have one girl this year), and have either autism, Asperger’s Disorder, or are PDD-NOS.


“…And I wish my mom would win the lottery because she doesn’t have a lot of money right now, and she deserves it.”

“…I wish for a video game for my friend. He loves video games and he can’t afford this one.”

“…I wish for my family to be happy. Also, I wish my extended family liked us more. My mom misses them.”

“…I wish all the sick kids had toys for Christmas because everyone should be happy at Christmas.”

And my personal favorite:

“…And I wish for happiness and Skittles for everyone!”

(This one ended with, “P.S. – I also wish I could meet the elves. They could come to my house. I like elves.”)


For as crazy as they make me sometimes, I have some good kids. These are the days when I’m proud to be a teacher. The world needs people like my kids. :)

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