Oct. 4th, 2009

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I am a crafty person. As such, there are a lot of moments in my life when I saw, “Aw, I’m not paying for that; I could make it myself!” or “I want this and it doesn’t exist, so I’ll make it.” These impulses almost never, ever work out for me. I refer you to the beaded yarn disaster, and also to last year’s pumpkin cakes. Given these pretty spectacular failures, you’d think a little bell would go off in my head when I hear myself say, “I could do that!” Yeah…it doesn’t. In fact, I’m still trying to make that beaded yarn thing work. Clearly I am somehow distantly related to Tim Gunn.

Anyway, most recently, I’ve been doing a lot of scheming to figure out how I could get my hands on a Captain EO shirt, like this promo one from the 80s. (If you don’t know what Captain EO is, it’s going to be really hard for me to explain my love of this movie to you. EO is a fantastically cheesy, campy, 80s-embodying, 3D movie that once lived in Disneyland, California and EPCOT. The list of talent that went into this movie is amazing – George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Jackson, and Angelica Houston. And yet it still oozes 80s in every frame. You can watch it on YouTube: Part One and Part Two. In fact? You really should. Go watch it now. I can wait.)

Sadly, with the untimely passing of Michael Jackson (Captain EO himself) this past June, the price of the few actual EO promo shirts that exist skyrocketed. I had heard that Disney might be bringing EO back briefly, and that it might be going on right around the time that Scott and I planned to be there, and I got excited about actually buying a real EO shirt. Then Disney kind of backtracked on the EO announcement, supposedly fearing some kind of PR headache from re-releasing it, and I figured the shirts would probably never be as good as the original anyway. I had seen a couple knock-off ones online, but they just had the rainbow logo – nothing that actually said “Captain EO”. Last week, I actually took a good look at the original promo shirt and said, “Hey! I can do that myself!”

Well. Not entirely. I tried to do the logo on my own in photoshop. It was terrible; a graphic artist I am not. My brother, however…that’s his major. After bribing him with a Pizza Hut lunch buffet, he took a day or so and re-created the logo for me. Seriously, it’s almost spot on. I went out to grab a t-shirt, some transfers, and some rhinestone letters, and I was off. I was convinced it was either going to be completely heinous or fully awesome, and I wasn’t sure which, because I usually can’t tell with my ideas until the very end. Verdict’s in…it’s fully awesome.

Captain EO Shirt - finished Yep, that's a rainbow on my shirt.

You can click them for bigger, but really? It’s as amazing as it could have gotten. Once every 25 years, one of my harebrained ideas has to pay off, I guess. ;)

And because it made me laugh so hard when I saw it…

That's right. I said it. ;)

That's right. I said it. ;)

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