Jul. 29th, 2009


Jul. 29th, 2009 07:54 pm
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I kind of thought that at this point in my life, I would be through with little firsts and onto bigger ones…first home, first baby, first brand-new car, that kind of thing. Apparently, the little firsts are still coming. In the last two weeks, I:

  • was a bridesmaid for the first time.
  • cried at a wedding for the first time.
  • attended my first bachelorette party.
  • got my first manicure (and liked it!).
  • uttered the phrase, “I can’t wait to go to the gym” for the first time.
  • actually wanted people to take my picture at a social function for the first time.
  • wore my first “Spanx”.
  • caught the “bouquet” at a wedding for the first time.
  • realized for the first time that going to the gym is not, in fact, a waste of time, because I am losing weight.

Granted, most of those are related to my roommate’s wedding, and despite my initial fears (and thanks to the gym routine and the Spanx), I was able to breathe, sit, and EAT! in my bridesmaid’s dress. I could have even danced if there had been dancing involved in the wedding festivities. Photographic evidence:

Jaime Dance Reception - Scott Jaime & Trike Ceremony - Jaime Entrance

There are tons more photos on Flickr, and a lot of them came out really well. I had a really good time at the wedding, needless to say. :)

In other news, I’m still waiting on the hiring decision for that job I interviewed for, much to my chagrin and to that of my bosses. At my interview last week, I was told if I didn’t hear Thursday, I’d hear by Monday or Tuesday at the latest, as the office is closed Fridays during the summer. Thursday came and went, the weekend flew by in a wedding-related blur, and then it was Monday. Then Tuesday. Nothing. I called yesterday, and was told they hadn’t reached a decision yet and hoped they’d know within a week. Not gonna lie, the waiting’s stressing me out, because a.) my principal is kind of on my case about it, since he either needs my contracts or needs to know if he has to put an ad in the paper for a new TA, and b.) I feel like my entire life is riding on this job. I’m trying not to make so much of it, but if I get the position, I’ll be making at least twice what I’m making now, and can pay down my loans, move out, and just generally start really living my life again. Scott also had a job interview last week (the day before mine), so we’re both waiting to see if things are finally going to turn around. Lately, phone calls have been going like this:

Me: Hi, hon. Do you have a job?!

Scott: I don’t know yet; do you?!

So that’s the State of the Orange. Fingers crossed that soon I’ll have another first: first major job change.

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